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Room Hire in Central London

Charges and Catering Facilities

Prices effective from 1st January 2018

Capacity for up to 60 guests

Full £235 Charity £176

Full £235 Charity £176

Full £328 Charity £246

Capacity for up to 80 guests

Full £235 Charity £176

Full £235 Charity £176

Full £328 Charity £246

Capacity for up to 24 guests

Full £140 Charity £105

Full £140 Charity £105

Full £197 Charity £148

Capacity for up to 14 guests (maximum 12 in boardroom set up)

Full £110 Charity £83

Full £110 Charity £83

Full £153 Charity £115

Capacity for up to 90 guests

Full £360 Charity £270

Full £360 Charity £270

Full £502 Charity £377

Charge applies for use by outside caterers

Per Hire £74

Per Hire £74


  1. These charges apply to academic meetings, lectures, seminars and committee meetings only.
    Meetings which do not fall into these categories are subject to a different tariff. Events that require the exclusive use of Lettsom House are subject to a minimum tariff irrespective of the individual rooms required. Please consult the Deputy Registrar regarding the relevant tariffs.
  2. The rates shown are for Monday to Friday. Lettsom House is not normally available for hire at weekends.
  3. The Charity rate (25% discount) is for charities registered in the UK meeting the hire charge from their own resources.
  4. Room hire is zero rated for VAT.
    Other charges (VAT at the current rate will be added to these charges)
  5. Full Terms and Conditions, including cancellation charges are available HERE

Audio visual equipment:

  1. A single charge of £44 is payable for the use of audio-visual equipment (screen, leads and stands, laser pointer and flip charts/pens. The use of amplifying equipment is included in the charge for Conference Room.
  2. A charge of £165 is made for the use of a data projector and laptop or £86 for either piece of equipment on its own.
  3. Please Note that there is no Technical Officer offered in support of the AV equipment. The set-up is uncomplicated and an IT aware person should be quite capable of operating it.

Use outside normal hours:
1. A charge of £55 per half-hour (or part thereof) is made for access before 8.30am and for departure after 10.00pm.

Catering arrangements:

Tea/coffee and biscuits/tap water

Orange/apple juice

Bottled water (sparkling/still)

Red/white house wine

Lettsom’s Lunch (sandwiches/rolls, wraps, finger food, crisps, fruit)

Sandwiches and fruit (sandwiches/rolls, fruit)

Canapes (8 pieces per head)

Nibbles (crisps/nuts)

Use of single items of crockery

Use of full place setting


£2.00 per head/per serving


£1.60/2 litre bottle


£8.30 per head – min no 12
£6.90 per head

£7.90 per head

£0.60 per head

£0.70 per head

£1.30 per head

Outside Caterers

Outside caterers are required for more extensive catering arrangements. The Society is pleased to recommend suitable caterers,  but the Hirer is responsible for settling accounts directly with them.
The hire charge of £74 for the use of the kitchen applies in these circumstances.